Cryo Rotor Cuts Downtime

300% Longer Life for 20% Cost

Learn how AraMark saves $373,000 over 7 years for every 100 vehicles on the road. 300 Below's Cryo Rotor brake technology keeps your vehicles on the road longer, where they belong. Our clients see 200-300% life over their previously untreated brake components.

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Enhanced Metallurgy

Every brake rotor we make shares a common foundation in metallurgy. Because all metals are NOT made equal, we approach creating our brake rotors with a no-nonsense philosophy in casting them to fit your fleet vehicle requirements.

We promise 3 priorities in metallurgical design:

1. Safety

2. Compatibility

3. Performance

Corrosion Resistance

For vehicles that experience winter weather conditions and are expected to handle demanding environments, we say worry no more! Our rotors are designed for harsh climates, with a 600 hour corrosion rating, for any kind of muck.

That’s 200 hours longer than the SAE industry standard test of 400 hours.

Molecular Realignment

Building a superior brake rotor means finding a smarter way to transform its molecular structure. Our goal is to reduce tears and cracks in the microstructure of grey iron in order to create a more uniform surface area. Smooth = long life.

This means our rotors respond better to applied friction, allowing our metal to maintain a consistent surface area longer than other brake rotors, ultimately improving performance on the road.

Become the hero for your fleet

Download our TruBlue Municipal Fleet White Paper to learn more about how our clients are eliminating maintenance headaches by reducing fleet vehicle downtime, cutting shop and vehicle expenses, all while improving quality, safety, and performance.



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Deep space science

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Cryo Rotor brake technology triples the life of traditional brake rotors by pairing our premium metallurgy with a NASA pioneered process, called deep cryogenic processing. We then triple heat temper to enhance our quench of metals, which we call cryogenic tempering, resulting in extended life to your brake rotors through a refinement of the molecular structure. TruBlue brake pads also last around 40% longer when used in conjunction with our Cryo Rotor brake rotors.

What Experts Say

Our brake rotors and pads were being changed almost monthly from other manufacturers. We've used Cryo Rotor brake rotors and pads for over a year and have yet to change any of them.

Shimon Feldman, EMT CPT CET

Operations Manager

Richmond County Emergency Medical Services, Staten Island, NY

With tight tolerances on rotor quality and proper cryogenic treatments, brake rotor life may be extended as much as three times over comparable, non-treated parts.

Charles W. Greening, Jr.


Greening Testing Laboratories, Inc.

The future has already arrived.

... It's just not evenly distributed yet.

William Gibson

Author & Futurist

200%+ Longer Life


Our clients often see 300-400% gains, but we guarantee at least double the life over any other brand of untreated brake rotors you're using currently.

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